Not for stylepussies.

Flaircat plog #4

Op je scherm ligt een prachtige nieuwe plog te wachten, boordevol weekend-dingen, feestjes, champagne en ubercoole verjaardagscadeaus. Als ik jou was, had ik er knetterveel zin in om deze plog te gaan lezen!


A true superstar

When it comes to sneakers (and sportswear in general) I’m truly committed to Adidas. Ever since I bought my first Adidas originals superstar at the age of fourteen, I haven’t found one pair of sneakers that beats this classic. They are utterly cool, plus they are super comfortable to walk in. Love the fact that this edition in white looks so fresh and summery.

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Cat fight

I bought a new porcelain vase for my interior. My intention was to buy a big plant to put it into. Only problem is… Alfred and Henry like the vase so much, they’re constantly fighting over it…

Flaircat plog #3

Of het plogtechnisch verantwoord is een plog van bijna twee dagen te maken weet ik niet, maar ik heb het toch gedaan. Snel lezen en kijken dus, plog-lezertjes! (klik ‘more’ om verder te lezen.)


Here to stay: flare jeans

It must’ve been about three years ago, when I was absolutely sure the flared jeans would make it’s return. I couldn’t be more wrong. The skinny jeans hype seemed to be unstoppable. Me and my flare jean were lone rangers in a desert full of  skinny and boyfriend jeans.

I don’t know what changed exactly, but the last few days I keep on noticing the 70′s style pants everywhere. On fashion bloggers, in editorials, even on the streets. The most flattering fit for a woman is back, and I’m not wrong this time.

Only one downside: it seems impossible to find a pair of new flared jeans, for a reasonable price. I like the ones by MiH (see picture) but they cost around 200 euro’s, which, to me, seems like a lot of money for a simple jean.

New mission this spring: find the perfect fitted and priced flare jeans! Feel free to leave tips in the comments.

Flaircat plog #1

De laatste tijd heb ik het gevoel dat mijn blog toe is aan een nieuwe impuls. Na de afgelopen dagen steeds meer plogs te zijn tegengekomen op het internet, denk ik die in deze hype te hebben gevonden. Eigenlijk ben ik er alweer te laat mee om cool te zijn natuurlijk. En daarnaast maak ik, getuige mijn Instagramaccount, tot nu toe, eigenlijk verdraaid weinig foto’s van mijn dagelijkse beslommeringen. Die vermoedelijk weer bar weinig mensen interesseren.

Dus dit lijkt in eerste instantie wellicht een vruchteloze onderneming. Die inderdaad volledig in het Nederlands is. Want ik wil meer in het Nederlands bloggen. Euh ploggen. Gewoon, om daarom. So sorry for everyone who’s not able to read in Dutch. The plogs will only be in Dutch, until you convince me otherwise. Baas over eigen blog, zoiets. Hoe dan ook, een mens probeert eens wat. Dus hierbij mijn eerste plog! (Klik ‘more’ om verder te lezen)


Fresh starts & new beginnings

Spring’s around the corner (extremely happy about that), which makes me feel like it’s time for fresh starts & new beginnings. It’s time for a new wardrobe, with fresh colours (like the Karl Lagerfeld blazer shown above) and for some new ideas and ambitions. Also for the blog. That’s what I’m thinking about lately. Not sure yet how this will develop, but of course I’ll keep you posted. Cheers to that!

Looking for a place to shine

Why only wear party clothes to a party? Don’t you agree we should always look for a place to shine and sparkle? And not just wait for a special occasion to pop a bottle of champagne or look super fancy.

To me, this Topshop jumper (I managed to grab on Boxing Day) lifts up every ordinary day.

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90′s kid

Currently I’m really loving the 90′s kid grunge look, embraced by singer Sky Ferreira. Makes me wanna throw on a pair of Dr. Martens again, mess my hair up, wear a lumberjack and ripped jeans, like back in the days. It was such a great decade. Sometimes I wish I could go back.

Maybe that’s why cool looks, like that grunge look, keep coming back. It’s meant for people who get nostalgic about a certain time period, every know and then. My costume is my time-machine.