Not for stylepussies.

I want to ride my bicycle

My dad is one of those people who could care less about fashion. I remember the rare occasions we went shopping together. My father, with a look on his face as if he was about to die, would trudge through the store. While, in despair, grabbing a random jumper from a rack, hoping I would buy it and we could get out. Yes, for some men shopping IS torture.

So, the internet seems to be an invention, especially designed for my dad. He couldn’t be more happier, surfing the web, visiting his favorite sites, searching for new music, reading the news, and discover things he’d never heard of before. Like: Prêt-à-Vélo. A site that combines one of his passions (cycling) and one of mine (fashion). Can’t wait for spring to come and jump on a bike like this one.

This is like the perfect ‘in between’ trenchcoat, get it here.

And what do you think about these unisex, bowling-shoe-like, pair of cycling shoes?


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